STEM Olympiads


The STEM Olympiad Team consists of 16 members. There are 6 categories of competition.


Paper Clip Catapult:

Students are to design and construct a catapult device at the STEM Olympiad using given materials. Students will apply their knowledge of the Engineering Design Process to accurately shoot their paper clips at a target. Team Paper Clip Catapult: Maria Pacheco and Natalie Morrison


Barge Building:

The team of students will construct a barge using a 15 x 15 cm piece of aluminum foil. The barge must support a cargo of the largest number of objects without getting them wet. Team Barge Building: Angela Triplett and Taylor Jo Roberts

Straw Tower:

This event will test students’ abilities to construct a strong, stable reproducible structure using 25 straws and 50 straight pins. Team Straw Tower: Cassie Shaw and Trenton Danker



Students will work together as a team of four to solve Math problems. Team Math: Jeremias Guadalupe-Rivera, Trey Hornsby, Kaley Fowler and Lacy Bennet